Indira Urrutia

Indira Urrutia is a Chilean born artist, an educator, and co-founder of Mi Cultura Art Project. Since Graduating with B.S in Studio Art she is following her passion for photography with explorations into other formats such as mixed media, installation art, experimental video, and metal weaving.

“While educating at the public program “Friday Night” at the de Young Museum, I saw the work of Ruth Asawa. Knitting and weaving was a part of my life as a child and into my adulthood. It is a technique that gots passed on through generations. Upon learning that Asawa developed this technique in Mexico, I decided to embark on the search of its origins. After some time in Mexico, I was only able to find one mother and daughter in the village of Masiaca (south of Sonora) who continued this practice. I realized that due to mass manufacturing of the product this village used to make, an entire village who used to live and learn from their ancestors lost these skills for future generations. This is an unfortunate reality around the world with many other weaving styles and techniques.”

Since 2016, Indira Urrutia started exploring the technique of metal weaving. Knitting and weaving have been part of Urrutia’s life since childhood. As such, Indira uses the process of hand knitting to reconnect with the female family members who have inspired her throughout her life. Just as she has done with photography in the past, Urrutia uses weaving to recollect the memories, tales, and history of her life.



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